Who is Tony Moore?

Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, July 1954, I am the younger brother of another artist in the family

(Junior Moore – Medium, Oil)

Although I grew up seeing my brother working as an outdoor sign artist, and eventually

as an accomplished realist oil painter, my only inclination of following in his foot step,

was as a musician, (Junior is also a member of a Jamaican singing group “The Tamlins”)

So I became a bass player with several reggae bands.


Migrating to the USA in 1981 (New York) then relocating to Tampa, Fl in 1991, I decided in 1992 to attend Tampa Technical Institute where I received an Associate Degree in commercial art.


I was immediately enamored with the pencil, the feel, the texture it  produces, the different values garnered from a 2H to a 6B pencil that makes a black and white piece really stand out. The firmness of a pencil as opposed to that of a brush. So graphite became my medium of choice.


Realistic graphite compositions are time consuming, but that is what I enjoy doing, that is the way I am wired. Some pieces, depending on the size (and I tend to like working in big formats) or the complexity of the composition can take weeks or months. But the end result when you really apply yourself, (patience) is gratifying.

Colored pencils and pastels are other mediums I am beginning to explore, also trying to add subtle color to graphite compositions.


It took me awhile to develop my portfolio, to the point where I felt comfortable in showcasing a good body of work. This now includes varied compositions, from portraits to still life and though there might seem to be more of a musical bent to the pieces, that has more to do with my other love (music) than anything else. I had also done many commissioned pieces during this time.


Some might also say I am a late bloomer to the outdoor festivals. But right now I am just excited about being able to showcase my work and the response has been tremendous:“Best In Show” Art in the park, Brooksville, Fl; “Award Of Excellence” Celebration of the arts, Wesley Chapel, Fl; “Award of Merit” Fiesta in the park, Orlando, Fl; “Award of Merit” Thornebrook, Gainesville, Fl; “Best In Show” Winthrop Arts Festival, Brandon; “Award of Distinction” St Johns River Festival Of The Arts, to name a few of the awards I have graciously received.


It has taken me some time to first, recognize the gift that God has given me then, to actually displaying it. But I am pleased with the response I have received from those that have already viewed my work and hope that I can continue to grow and develop as an artist, so that others will be able to enjoy, what God, the creator of all good things, has placed in me.


Art expresses the beauty that is around us and inside of us. As you view my work, I hope that I can capture some of the beauty that is around you, that will bring out the beauty that is within you. As we say in Jamaica “One Love Mon”

Tony Moore

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